Drugs In Sport

There has been a lot of media attention on the Essendon Football Club since early February this year.  Earlier this week Channel 7 presented an interview with Dean Robinson who used to be the fitness coach at the Essendon Football Club until February when the investigation into Essendon’s use of supplements started.

Today in our class meeting we watched the following BTN clip to help us understand some of the issues in surrounding doping in sports.


What are your thoughts?

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17 thoughts on “Drugs In Sport

  1. Hi everyone,
    It’s sad to hear that some sport teams have the need to cheat to win other than giving it their best shot because at the end of the day it’s about trying your best and essendon football club didn’t. They had to figure out another way to win.

    From Rozetta

  2. Dear bloggers
    My opinion on this drug scandal is that Essendon is ruining there reputation,career and losing many fans.

    From Christian

  3. Hello 4SG,

    I have some feedback on drugs in sport, it’s not only Essendon that is cheating. According to team they wanted to beat Collingwood and if they can’t do it on drugs then whoever in front of them on the leader boards has a big possibility of cheating with drugs. This is just my thoughts on this topic this may be wrong.

    From Lorenzo

  4. Hi Everyone,

    My thought on drugs in sport is that they shouldn’t be doing it.

    Firstly it’s illegal and it’s also damaging your body.

    It ruining your reputation, when someone has admired you for years and then you find out they cheated to play so well.

    By Andy

  5. Hello Everyone,
    I’m here to respond to this issue, I think
    1.Doesnt Make you any better.
    2.Your letting your team down.
    3. Your letting your fans down

    So those are my 3 main arguments,
    Respond to me if you want to ask me a question.

    From, Aris 5/6 SG

  6. Hello everyone,

    I think that it is disappointing that Essendon has used drugs to ‘win’ matches, because Essendon it will not be good for them in any way. If they have these illegal drugs, this will damage their body. When fans find out that Essendon has been cheating, I’m pretty sure that they would follow them anymore.

    From Holly2

    Hello 4sg,
    I think that it is a disgrase to the Essendon football club because I never knew they would do something like this .Since I am a Essendon supporter I am very disappointed with them.
    From kayla

  8. Hi Everyone,

    These are my thoughts on the Essendon drug scandal…

    1. Their team is letting down all of their supporters and fans .

    2. They are letting them down since they are cheating.

    3. I find it absurd the way that they treat their bodies.

    4. The drugs force there bodies to get stronger bones, the players do not even take in to consideration the side effects for when they are older or even the side effects that could happen in a footy game.

    This is my say on the Essendon drug scandal.


  9. Hi everyone ,
    My thoughts on the Essendon football club is …
    1. It’s unfair to other teams
    2. They should have not taken them
    3. People will think less of them


  10. Hi Everyone,
    I think this Essendon Drug Scandel is very disturbing and disguisting and to AFL that is a topic of CHEATING. They shouldnt be doing this they should be actually working out and being active themself then using drugs to boost their muscules quicker and better looking when it can be natural.Its good that they are putting a case on this problem because the Essendon Team should not play no more untill they get their punishment and dont play untill they get healthy.

  11. Hi everyone
    I think it is bad that drugs are now in sports. I think it isn’t just essendon F.C I think other teams are doing it as well. I think since the Essendon president moved to Melbourne victory, Melbourne victory might be in the next team using drugs. When European soccer had a match fixing saga the team heeroveen got fined about 15-20 million dollars. The club is also monitored very closely. The cannot play EUFA champions league for 2-3 seasons. AFL is being way too LENIENT! They shouldn’t wait a season then suspend them.
    From shannan

  12. Hi everyone,

    I think some collingwood players are part of the drugs because on this show called the footy show they said there might be some of the collingwood players that are part of the drugs

  13. Looking forward to hearing your opinions on this topic. Is sport about winning and being the best regardless of what it takes or should sport be something that has values and ethics like everything else in life?Regards, Ms Ash

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