Student Blogs

Last week each student in SG received their own blog.

T i e d o k a s
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pörrö via Compfight

The skills students then learnt were:

  • Creating pages.  Students have been writing their own blog and commenting guidelines.
  • Plugins.
  1. We activated the Compfight plugin so that we can insert appropriately attributed Creative Commons licensed images.
  2. We also activated the Google webfonts widget allowing a wider choice of fonts for posts.
  • Appearance.  Students have been experimenting with choosing their blog theme and name.

Visiting some of the blogs shows me that some students have also figured out how to delete the Sample Page, Hello World! post and Anonymous comment that all blogs start with.

What new skills have you developed?

What skills do you know of that you would like to learn?

What skills could you help other students learn?

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