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  1. Hi everyone

    This is Cameron and I have got some survey questions that you might do.

    1.Whats a good comment?
    2.What do you think a good comment needs?
    3.What would you want the blog to be like?
    4.How did you manage your blog?
    5.How often do you blog?
    A.Once a week.
    B.Twice a week.
    C.Three times a week.
    D.Four times a week.
    E.Five times a week.
    F.six times a week.
    G.all week.
    6.Hows blog do you like the most.
    A.class blog.
    B.school blog.
    C.Individual blog.
    7.How many posts do you think that have been on the blog?
    Please reply thanks
    From Cameron.

  2. Questions for blog
    1.whats a good comment?
    2.how many comment have been Put On the blogs?
    3.What is your favourite blog?
    4.what is the most visited blog?
    5.In term one to make the year 6 run a work shop?
    6.how often a week we go on your blogs.
    7.Individual blogs
    8. To share your work?
    From Rhys

  3. Hi mrs gage

    These are my questions

    1-Do you like having you’re own blog?

    2-Do you think that we should have an individual blog?

    3-How has it helped you’re learning?

    4-Do you think blogs are good for learning?

    5-Do you think blogs are safe?

    6-How did you manage your blog

    7-How has blogging impacted your learning ?

    8-Why do you think we should have
    a blogging program?


  4. Hello everyone,

    How many times have you commented on a post?
    • 1 to 5 times
    • 5 to 10 times
    • 10 to 15 times
    • 15 and more

    From Shanita, Kelly, Hannah and Tahlia

  5. Hi everyone,
    My questions I have are-

    1) What Blog do you prefer to use the Level Blog, the Community Blog, the Class Blog or your Individual Blog?
    -Level Blog
    -Community Blog (Optional if Know)
    -Class Blog
    -Individual Blog

    2) Do you think having a Blog Good or Bad?

    3) How do you feel about having your own blog?
    -Very Bad
    -Very Good

    These are my Questions for the Survey. I only have 3 questions For your information.

  6. Hi,

    These are my blogging questions.

    How has blogging impacted on your learning?

    Do you think that we should include blogging as a part of our learning for next year?

    What did you find difficult about blogging?

    What is your preferred to learn about the blog?
    – workshops
    – one on one
    – teachers
    – by yourself

  7. Which blog do you prefer
    Our own

    What’s the purpose of us blogging
    Getting to know blogs around the world
    Commenting on different blogs
    To explore other blogs
    To get used to technology

    What do you most like about blogging

    These are my questions for the surveys

  8. Hello everyone,

    How many posts have you published?
    • 1 to 5 posts
    • 5 to 10 posts
    • 10 to 15 posts
    • 15 and more posts
    • none

    From Shanita, Kelly, Hannah and Tahlia

  9. How much posts have you written that is published?


    What blog do you prefer?


    What do you think about blogs?


    How offten do you visit your blog?

    -every 2 days
    -every 3 days

    When was the last post you posted?

    -1 day ago
    -1 week ago

    How long do you blog at home?

    -1 to 10 minutes
    – 11 to 30 minutes
    – other

  10. Hi everyone,

    1.What blog do you prefer:?
    Class, community or individual blog
    2.How many comments have you posted:?
    5, 5-10,10-20,20-30
    3.how many visitors do you have:?

    From Tahlia and kayla

  11. Lawrence,
    What blog do you enjoy using the most? -Level -Class -Individual

    What do you like posting about?
    -Interest -Other
    Do you like posting on other blogs?
    -Yes -No
    Do you enjoy reading others blogs?
    -Yes -No
    Do you like the idea of having individual blogs?
    -Yes -No

  12. Hello everyone,
    These are our blogging questions.

    1) What blog would you prefer to learn with?
    – Level
    – Class
    – Individual
    – Other

    2) What is your preferred way to blog?
    – In front of the teacher
    – Finding it out by yourself

    3) How does blogging impact on your learning?

    4) What did you find difficult about blogging?

    From Emily1 & Connie

  13. Hello everyone,

    1. Who has the most visits on there blog
    2. How many comments on your blog
    3. Who has more blogs out of the boys and the girls
    4. What blog do you like better out of the class blog, own blog or the level blog
    5. How many blogs have the word ‘the’ in the title
    6. What is the most popular blog

    From Kayla and Tahlia

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