Mulga Bill’s Bicycle

Type in an unknown words or phrases into the comments along with a sentence using that word or phrase in a different context. Be as creative as possible!!!

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23 thoughts on “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle

  1. Resplendent- It was at the masquerade ball that I saw men and women in resplendent puffy dresses and suits , listening to the wonderful music.


  2. Resplendent- As I thought to myself I looked resplendent in my big wedding dress and watching myself on a video that was videoed that day that was so special.

  3. Dear 5/6 SGK,
    Hello everyone Aris here, and I found a catchphrase from Mulga Bills Bicycle ,

    He dressed himself in cycling clothes, resplendent to be seen;

    Resplendent- shining brilliantly,resplendent in
    white uniforms;

    My sentence- My mum just washed my clothes and they look resplendent.

  4. ‘Twas: ’twas the night before my birthday.
    Resplendent: the soldiers looked resplendent.
    Craze: I went craze that i was band from ps3.
    Buck: I have a pet buck.
    Perch: because I am short I have a perch seat.

    From Alex.L

  5. These are some words that are difficult to put in a sentence. to whoever was working on it, and the teachers!

    ‘Twas: Twas the month after Christmas and that was when I got my present for Christmas.

    Resplendent: The gold nugget I found looked Resplendent.

    Craze: My sister went Craze over the toy she lost.

    Buck: I have a Buck in my shed more male animals.

    Perch: Because I am short I have a perch seat.

    From Lorenzo

  6. Air of lordly pride- My fellow friend as we grew older together from young, you have made me feel low as you found gold and have been showing me the air of lordly pride.

  7. Resplendent:

    On a burning summer’s night, the resplendent star was bright as light.


    In the 1854’s the poor miners were sought to find the largest nugget of gold they could find, then sell it.


    Once crazed into laughter, he’ll go berserk.


    Henceforth 1962 women were allowed to vote!

    Air of lordly pride:

    The rich man looked at the desperate with air of lordly pride.


    The girth of these species are extraordinary!

  8. Air of Lordly pride- When Charles Hotham became Govenor at the time of the Gold Rush, he looked down at the diggers with air of lordly pride thinking to himself that he could do anything that he wanted.


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