ICON – Webinar

Today we had our first webinar session ! Due to some technical difficulties, we missed some of the discussion along the way, however, one of the main things we spoke about was the idea of transformation. Some of the definitions we came up with were  the idea that transformation was about change, radical change of something or someone. It shows a learners growth, and how they have changed along the way.

We also spoke about the use of Google Drive, and how that can be used as a transformation tool in the classroom. Although we had some hiccups along the way, it was good to discuss these ideas with other staff members and gain an understanding of where they are in terms of their journey !



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It’s MEDIA PROJECT time – YAY!!!

The agony of choice...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joeri van Veen via Compfight

Hi Level 4’s,

As you know we are about to embark on our Breakfast Cereal Media Project. I hope you have been thinking of new and unique breakfast cereal names. I will be giving you the project outline and informing you of your groups on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, time is limited to complete this project which means you will need to be really organised, focussed and consistently on task. Prior to Wednesday, you may like to do some mini market research – asking parents, siblings and friends what they would like in a new breakfast cereal.

Please bring in any empty cereal boxes you may have at home.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday and getting started on this exciting project!

Mrs. Claxton.

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Drugs In Sport

There has been a lot of media attention on the Essendon Football Club since early February this year.  Earlier this week Channel 7 presented an interview with Dean Robinson who used to be the fitness coach at the Essendon Football Club until February when the investigation into Essendon’s use of supplements started.

Today in our class meeting we watched the following BTN clip to help us understand some of the issues in surrounding doping in sports.


What are your thoughts?

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