When commenting please follow these guidelines:

  1. Structure your comment like a letter with a greeting, content and closing.
  2. Address your comment to the appropriate person you are responding to: are you responding to the author of the post, the class who own the blog or the author of a specific comment?
  3. Respond to the content of the post in some way. You might like to answer a question that was asked, ask the writer a question or compliment what they have said.
  4. Students are to use their first name and identify where they are from. This might be by having their name hyperlinked to their class or student blog or by saying which class they are from in the ‘Name’ box on the comment form.
  5. Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is important. Please proofread before submitting your comment. You might need to ask another person to check it for you.
  6. Use appropriate language for primary school students at all times.
  7. Stay positive in all communication.
  8. All comments should be relevant, polite, respectful and courteous.
  9. Any links posted must be suitable for primary school students.

Please note that all comments will be submitted for moderation before being approved so your comment will not appear immediately.

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