Converting 12 and 24 hour time

Today in maths our learning intention was to convert between 12 and 24 hour time.

We worked through some examples and identified that to be successful we needed to be able to:

  • write 24 hour time with numbers only
  • write an a.m. time as between 0000 to 1159
  • write a p.m. time as between 1200 to 2359
  • add 12 to the p.m. hours
  • write 0000 to 1159 as an a.m. time
  • write 1200 to 2359 as a p.m. time
  • subtract 1200 from 1300 to 2359 to find the p.m hours

We then worked together with some time dominoes to put them in order.

What was new learning for you today?

How do you think having a learning intention helps your learning?

What difference did success criteria make to your learning?

What was your favourite part of the lesson?

Why do we need to learn about converting time?